Sunday Funday: Michael’s 25th Birthday

I know it’s Wednesday and I seem to be a little late for Sunday Funday, but that just means we’re getting two blog posts today.

Sunday, as the title clearly states, was Michael’s birthday! 25th in fact; someone is a 1/4 of a century old!

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I normally go all out for birthdays but we just got back from the Philippines (a post filled with photos will come soon) and I’ve been lazy and exhausted.  So there’s that (Sorry babe!) But, we had a really relaxed and chill day, celebrating by sleeping in until almost noon, getting a late lunch & trying out a new sushi restaurant , and going to see a movie at the new AMC Movie Theater they just built at the mall nearby.

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Here’s my handsome guy with our handsome plate of sushi.  Everything was delicious, EXCEPT for the surf clam (and there was smoked salmon, not a fan) which was 100 percent like eating a dried out tongue.  I do not recommend it whatsoever.  Unless you’re into dried tongues.

We also had a plate of Rainbow Fish Carpaccio for an appetizer, which is basically Sashimi, but with avocado slices, sesame seeds and was drizzled in ponzu sauce. Unfortunately, I was so hungry and ate it way too fast to get even a picture of the empty plate.



This is our now favourite movie theater, despite the fact that it is a tad bit more expensive than the one we usually go to, and its a bit more of a drive.  It’s totally worth it.

We saw Mad Max: Fury Road, which I wasn’t all that into seeing at first, but I did end up enjoying it.  I was really into the feminist aspect of it and Charlize Theron is a goddess.

Jelly Donut Martini. Sugary and a lot of alcohol.
Jelly Donut Martini. Sugary and a lot of alcohol.

Strawberry Cream

We also ended up going to one of our new favorite bars that’s in a nearby neighborhood.  Mike’s Chicken and Donuts is a little restaurant and donut shop which is attached to a bar that stays open after the kitchen closes, and there is even a Sportsbook and Meatbar upstairs where the best mussels I’ve ever eaten and the biggest tomahawk steaks exist.

Chicken and Donuts make the best donuts (reese’s cyclops and maple bacon and praline donuts, how does it get better??) and my favorite wings, an order of which I got to go for a late, late dinner. But I actually just ended up eating them for breakfast the next day. 🙂  They also have craft sodas that I tend to get with every meal.  Strawberry cream is my favorite so far.

The Sportsbook is only open Thursday-Sunday though, so we haven’t gotten a chance to go back yet since we’ve been home, but that tomahawk steak is definitely on my list.

It was overall a great birthday for him, and I really enjoyed getting to spend the day with him for it.  The weather is also really looking up so I’m looking forward to more days of fun and adventures with my love.

Keep an eye out for that Philippines post coming really soon! A lot of fun pictures will be shared. 🙂



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